Harry Winston Is $100 Million Worth of Jewelry Poorer


Yesterday evening in Paris a heist took place at the Harry Winston boutique. Four armed robbers stole about $101 million in jewels at the store in a matter of fifteen minutes. Making it all the more glam and movielike, two of the robbers were men disguised as women. This is how they pulled it off:

After they entered the store, the four thieves pulled out their weapons, forced the customers and employees — about 15 people in all — into a corner, and grabbed jewels out of display cases and safes, the prosecutor's office said. The robbers seemed to know the locations of secret hiding places for jewels and called some employees by their first names, it said.

Then they fled and no one knows how they left. We never thought the world needed an Ocean's 14, but in case it's coming and Hollywood needs inspiration (which it usually does), this is pretty good fodder. Brad Pitt and George Clooney bickering in drag? Men's Vogue will need two cover stories a year after all.

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