Hedi Slimane Shoots Non-Model Boys for Symbolic Prada Ad


Behold Hedi Slimane's spiffy first ad for Prada. Slimane has been focusing on photography since he exited Dior Homme last year and released a photo book called Rock Diary earlier this year. These boys are sons of Paul and Tricia Simonon, bass player and manager of the Clash. They're in school in England and have never modeled or worked with Hedi before. WWD reports:

Prada said the brothers were photographed “in moments of reflection and introspection. It is a symbolic yet understated approach to desire in men’s wear; a new classicism with a rebel edge.”

Symbolic and rebellious indeed. This could totally be a metaphor for the current economic crisis. The one in the foreground looks scared and nervous, and the one in the background looks accusatory, almost merciless. Does the one in front symbolize Dick Fuld? Or is Fuld, in, fact the rebel in the back staring down a congressman? L'intrigue!

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