It’s Official: Man Skirts Have Reached the Mainstream, or At Least Dear Abby


Guys, are you still fashioning your resolutions? May we be of some assistance? Perhaps it's time to put your insecurities and fears aside and think, WWMD. Yes, indeed, What would Marc do? Everyone's favorite designer was on a mission in 2008 to single-handedly make the man skirt acceptable and, yes, chic. And, sure, people scoffed. But secretly, men wondered if they could carry off the look. (It's okay to admit it. We think men have great legs for this sort of thing.) And now, courtesy of none other than Dear Abby, we have proof that the look has reached the widest parts of mainstream society.

Joe in Pennsylvania writes in:

DEAR ABBY: My problem is unusual, but I'm hoping if you address it in your column it will help. I'm a married man, confident in who I am, who wears skirts for comfort. I feel skirts are more comfortable than pants, which I find tight, restrictive and uncomfortable. I wear skirts around the house, when I'm out running errands and when I attend church. My clergyman has raised no objection to it...

…Our problem is some family members who disagree have talked behind our backs, started rumors and turned people against us with false information. How can I make them understand that they are entitled to their belief, but that they shouldn't gossip and create problems for us because I am not doing anything wrong?

Oh boo to gossip. Abby's response: "As long as you have the testicular fortitude and shapely enough legs to wear skirts, then you have my blessing." And we have to agree. So, men, break out the kilts, sarongs, man skirts (anything but a mini really) and have at it: 2009 is the year to show off your gams.

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