Jessica Alba’s Waist, Hips Whittled in Campari Ads


Jessica Alba stars in the 2009 Campari calendar, shot by Mario Testino. Unretouched images from the shoot surfaced on the Internet. And lo! Dramatic retouching hath occurred. Surprising, we know. As you can see, Alba's hips and waist were whittled down, her cleavage was enhanced, and her makeup was punched up. We think she looks plenty slim on the left, especially since the girl had a baby just five months ago. We don't often see the before-and-after pictures for stuff like this, but dramatic retouching isn't uncommon in print ads. Judging by the positioning of Alba's knees in these shots, these are either different frames or Alba's head was Photoshopped onto a model's body. Notice the knee caps on the right? Retouchers usually erase those instead of adding them in. Regardless of what exactly they did here, it just goes to show how fake all these images are. These bodies aren't real! Now we just have to get down to the business of why Alba's shilling Campari in the first place.

She may be one of the most beautiful women in the world... but that doesn't stop Jessica Alba from getting airbrushed [Daily Mail via HuffPo]