Jil Sander’s Damiani Earrings Debut; We Swoon


The Jil Sander spring 2009 collection won us over with its gorgeous fringed dresses. But the sophisticated yet modern earrings that Raf Simons paired with them made us fall in love. (If love can happen in the quick swish of a model's walk.) Luckily for us, we got a chance to see them in person at the Soho store last week and they exceeded our every expectation. The earrings —a limited-run collaboration with Damiani — are long, delicate spears in white, yellow, and pink gold that go all the way through the earlobe and attach on either side with stones (aquamarine, onyx, smoky quartz, citrine), Tahitian pearls, or diamonds (there are bracelets as well). Dangerously sexy and, yes, fierce. They look beautifully classic when worn as a pair, but we prefer to rock just the one. Click through for more earrings.

$4,500–$10,000 at Jil Sander, 30 Howard St. at Crosby St. (212-925-2345).