Kanye West Might Take a Break From Music to Pursue Fashion


Today is the fashion industry's lucky day: The latest rumor in the Kanye West Wants to Be a Fashion Intern story is that the rapper plans to take a break from music to pursue a fashion career. (Remember, no one asked him to sing, either.) He's offering his services for free, preferably at Raf Simons or Louis Vuitton. While Kanye hasn't confirmed the hiatus, he's already designing a line of shoes for Vuitton. In fact, he wrote a couple of weeks ago on his blog, "The Louis Sneakers are coming out REEEEETARDED." Further evidencing how serious he is about his fashion ambitions, he scribes, "I swear to you guys all I do is work on design when I get off stage. I want to and will be the real thing. I will not just be a 'celebrity designer.' Shit has to be good!!!" The more we read Mr. West's musings, the more we think his move to fashion might be a good idea. Kanye could take the self-seriousness of fashion lexicon down a much-needed notch or two.

Kanye West to Take a Break for Music to Focus on Career in Fashion [Showbiz Spy]