Lindsay Lohan’s Leggings Line Defies the Recession


Get used to Lindsay Lohan, designer, because her leggings line, 6126, is doing quite well. A spokeswoman for Hollywood boutique Intuition tells the Daily News that the leggings are "blowing off the shelves." The same goes for Henri Bendel, Nordstrom, Intermix, and Lisa Kline, which also sell the legwear. This surprises us not necessarily because Lohan's a celebrity with no design experience but because it's difficult to imagine where demand for her product lies. The most popular style is the Mr. President, which boasts quilted leather knee pads and costs $132. So we're in a recession and this is what chicks are shelling out for? Built-in knee pads are that little something extra that justify a three-figure bill for tights? We can't speak for L.A., but we've been seeing fewer and fewer leggings on the streets in New York. However, Lohan plans to produce four collections a year and hopes to expand soon into new product categories. We can see the teal suede bootees with zipper vents already.

Lindsay Lohan's 6126 leggings are a hit with fans - and fashionistas [NYDN]