Lydia Hearst Now Interns at BlackBook


We hope you're getting used to this whole celebrities "interning" thing, because it doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon. Hell, we're not even going to fight it! (Mostly just because we hope to have our own one day.) Model Lydia Hearst is the latest to join this ambitious group of individuals eager to abandon their famous-person egos for the sake of learning another trade, beginning at the lowest rung. She just started interning at BlackBook's Website, but you could practically tell that from her glasses and coffee cup, right? We're told her tasks today included "messengering BlackBook’s 2009 Guides to some well known influencers in fashion, media, music, etc." Thank you, BlackBook. While Vogue let its famous intern Sean Avery sit in on meetings with senior staff and fly across the country to help with photo shoots, it sounds like Lydia is doing the exactly the kind of grunty work interns are supposed to do. Or at least, that's how it appears so far. We'll learn the whole story tomorrow when she blogs all about it. We know — good luck sleeping tonight.

Our New Intern: Lydia Hearst [BlackBook]