Marc Jacobs on Those Marriage Rumors, MySpace, and Naomi Campbell


Lengthy Marc Jacobs profiles are like new seasons of America's Next Top Model: They keep coming. And coming. And coming. Except unlike America's Next Top Model, Marc Jacobs intrigues us pretty much every time. Reporters ask him the same stuff about his tattoos, his exercise regimen, his diet, his muses, and though his answers are never very different, we linger on his every word each time. It's hard not to love a celebrity who embraces the limelight for the good and bad, while so many others only want to be a part of it on their own terms. Herewith, our favorite bits from the latest Marcfile in the Sunday Times.

Marc loves being part of the gossip columns, according to his ex, Jason Preston, but his new beau, Lorenzo Martone, isn't a fan — and wasn't crazy about those marriage rumors.

“[Lorenzo and I] both laughed about it, but it was difficult for him because of his career,” he says. “I’m realising that the people I know are hurt by gossip more than I am myself, and I find that really unfair.”

Thought MySpace was dead? Think again!

“I need some photographs for my MySpace page,” he says. “I don’t know how to post the pictures, so my assistant does it. MySpace makes people happy, which is cool. Also I get very lonely, and MySpace makes me feel better.”

Okay, maybe it's dead, just not buried.

[Marc] decided to take down his MySpace page. “There were too many dramas over it, and some people were turning into stalkers,” says Jacobs. “Plus, there were all these fake pages pretending to be me popping up.” He sighs. “I don’t want imposter me’s around.”

Marc doesn't want to date a “media whore”' again.

“I’ve had boyfriends who were media whores, and, God bless them, they were great people,” says Jacobs, obliquely referring to Preston and then trailing off. “I shouldn’t have said that; that wasn’t nice to say.” He pauses. “I was in a relationship for the past couple of years with someone who loved the attention of the media,” he says. “I don’t want to make the same mess again.”

It scares us to think this, but do Britney Spears or Amy Winehouse have a Marc Jacobs campaign in their futures?

“I love fallen angels,” he has said. “There are certain girls who make mistakes, and I just love that. I love the strength to move forward. It’s very hard to be someone publicly and then to be human and honest at the same time. It’s a dark angel, not dark like an evil spirit, but a melancholy, broken soul. It’s a good thing.”

SpongeBob shall not stand alone. Marc wants more cartoon tats.

“I want George and Martha [two hippos from a cartoon]. Or bears. Cute bears, I mean, grizzly ones, but not mean ones. I’d also like to get Nemo.”

Naomi Campbell helped talk him into rehab.

“Naomi, as someone who struggled with her own demons and problems, was able to take me on.” He sighs. “I’m sure the root of my problems goes much further back than before I was successful. When I was younger, all the kids I thought were cool smoked cigarettes, my favourite rock stars were heroin addicts, my favourite writers were taking acid. As a kid, what I thought looked cool was very dark and drug-oriented.”

If you though Marc's new affinity for man skirts was great, just you wait.

“You know, I recently bought these really weird shorts, like MC Hammer pants but shorts. In certain élite circles, people would say to me, ‘Why are you wearing those weird Moroccan pants?’ Other people ask, ‘Why are you wearing those?’, period. But kids are like, ‘Those are f***ing dope pants.’ Young people are so open and cool about a super-styley attitude.”

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