Matthew Williamson Expands Into Menswear


Can we all stop and admit that when Matthew Williamson announced he was leaving Pucci to focus more on his own label, we kind of rolled our eyes and thought, Yeah, right. But he was! Turns out he's focused a lot on the label — he opened a New York flagship, and now (cue the music) he's turning to menswear. He told British Vogue his vision for the lad clothes:

"In menswear, there is a fine line between boring and 'costume,' and I want to hit that sweet spot. It won't be about minimalism, but it also won't be about this for men. I think Dries Van Noten, for example, gets the balance right.

We're trying to imagine the color palette he'll choose, and somehow we think it might veer more toward Paul Smith (bright pinks, purples, and let's not forget patterns), but we've seen men look awfully sexy in lavender shirts. And Williamson already has some killer suits for women.

Williamson is also expanding the brand's retail even further with stores in Dubai, Moscow, and L.A. and is adding staff. Fashion will save this economy, people! Now go forth and shop!

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