Mirdles Up Close and Personal


Back in March, we first told you about "mirdles," or man girdles. But we only concocted a mere photo-illustration to demonstrate our point, a rendering of the possibilities that could come from Man Spanx. Today, that changed. Ahoy, LumbarWear! The Barcelona-based company created two versions for men: a boxer brief (left) and a regular brief (right). Just take a look at the photos above. They are bulging with "personality." And though the description of LumbarWear pushes for this to be a "compression" product specialized for back pain, we can read through the marketing enough to see it's clearly for those men who care more about compressing their spare tires. For $60 on TaylorGifts.com, you can snag a pair of your own. And you thought holiday shopping was going to be difficult.

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