Nick Knight Explores the Meaning of Martin Margiela’s Wig Coat With Nude Dancers


One of the most memorable pieces of the spring 2009 season was Martin Margiela's coat made entirely of blonde wigs, worn by a model, face obscured, in nothing more than panty hose, underpants, and high heels. Nick Knight pays homage to this fascinating creation in his latest film, Make Up Your Mind. An essay accompanying the video explains, "Margiela's 'Wig-Coat' becomes a paradox, a paradox of adornment, of seduction and of fashion. It mimics nature whilst choosing to be artificial; the workmanship is painstaking, costly, yet applied to cheap synthetics; it is adornment which repels and yet, oddly, manages to seduce." Hence, two nude women dance around with the coat to sultry music. Enjoy. (Warning: NSFW.) [SHOWstudio]