Peaches Geldof Made an Entire Magazine


One measly Nylon column could not — nay, would not — satiate Peaches Geldof's journalistic ambitions for long. Inevitably she would spread her wings and not just fly, but soar. And this Thursday is that very day. Peaches has put together an entire magazine called Disappear Here, and it will be distributed for free in 50 unspecified bars, nightclubs, and record shops (remember those?) in New York and London. Peaches put the magazine together with James Brown, a 43-year-old ex-men's-magazine editor. They call Disappear Here a "women's magazine that appeals to men," according to the Guardian. Brown tells the paper, "Nothing in this magazine comes from the PR industry — it's basically Peaches and other young journalists raving about stuff they love." Nothing says creativity and a selfless drive to make the world hip more than the "stuff Peaches loves" concept, which has laid the foundation for both Peaches's Nylon column and her capsule collection for PPQ. Her Peachesness tells the Guardian:

"When I read Cosmopolitan, Company or Marie Claire I feel so patronised … I'm not spending my time worrying about how to give my husband great sex so he stays with me. This isn't the 1950s. Women's magazines have no sense of humour. That's why I read Vice, GQ or Heat. I don't mind Heat. It's so insulting but in a really funny way — unlike Closer or Now, which are basically pointless."

If anyone can properly identify what's "pointless" in this world, it's Peaches Geldof. The word may as well have originated along with her, after all.

'Both of us are quite outspoken' [Guardian]