Postmortem Botox on the Rise; Ellen DeGeneres’s CoverGirl Campaign Debuts


• Vanity never dies, even when you're dead, as the latest plastic-surgery trend targets your ego postmortem. "We've had people mention that they want their breasts to look perky when they're dead," one funeral director said. "We'll inject tissue fillers into the lips, the nose, the cheeks, above the eyebrows, the chin, and the hands." [MSNBC]

• Ellen DeGeneres's CoverGirl ads are out. "I’ve been practicing in my bathroom mirror for years," she said. "Now finally, you’ll all be able to see it." Aw. [Off the Rack/People]

• Esteemed perfumer Francis Kurkdijan (he concocted Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Mâle and Lancôme's Miracle) is opening his own fragrance house, expected to launch in Paris by summer 2009. [Cosmetic News]

Jil Sander's new fragrance Style Soft is a fruity scent with freesia, mandarin, and violet notes. Launching this February, it's a gentler version of the original Style scent by the label. [Now Smell This]

• If you have red hair, here are seventeen ways to style it. Bear in mind there's absolutely no way these would work on blondes or brunettes. [BellaSugar]