Sperm-Inhibiting Chemicals Phased Out of Fragrances; Sarah Palin’s Makeup Artist Speaks


• Manufacturers are phasing out the use of chemicals called phthalates in fragrances, according to a new report. Phthalates have been linked to "genital changes in baby boys, reduced sperm counts in men, and early puberty in girls." [USAT]

• Sarah Palin's $22,800 makeup artist, Amy Strozzi: "The Governor's skin is the most beautiful skin I have ever worked with. Of course, makeup always helps to create an even canvas, but the condition of her skin was flawless. I attribute it to the clean Alaskan air, lots of fresh fish and protein, and a good fitness regime." [Racked]

• Michelle Obama is the inspiration for the new lipstick called Lady Obama by makeup line Khuraira . The burnt-sienna shade will sell for $20, with a percentage of the profits going to breast-cancer awareness. [Nylon]

• Emma Watson, the lovely 18-year-old star of the Harry Potter movies, is the latest victim of "The Rachel" haircut. Sad. [Daily Beauty Reporter/Allure]

• Jennifer Connolly's eyebrows are the "physical endorsement against overplucking." Yes, that good. [Beauty Counter/Style.com]