Stefano Gabbana Thinks the Fashion Industry Needs Rehab


Last winter Stefano Gabbana started asking questions when he saw cotton shorts in one of his Dolce & Gabbana stores in Milan. Why, God, why? "As a consumer I said, ‘No, this makes no sense,’” he told WWD. By gosh — he's right! Allow him to elaborate with a metaphor:

“I don’t want cherries or strawberries at Christmas anymore. I want to eat, dress and live on time,” he said with vexation.

But this isn't just about red fruit and "vexation" — it's about the economy, the slump of which could force the fashion industry into practicality. At least, that's the direction Gabbana plans to take. “I think we all need to sit back and ponder over this anxiety we all have of constantly needing to anticipate,” Gabbana said. Yes, leave it to the Europeans to question anxiety rather than embrace it with a Xanax and a glass of Chardonnay. Over the past few years, according to Gabbana, the fashion system has become "drugged." WWD writes:

He foresees a vortex of collections that have shorter and shorter life spans and that are often out of touch with the needs of a consumer increasingly overwhelmed by a crescendo of merchandise and wooed by super-early sales in this tough economy.

The diction in that sentence was indeed stupendous, but do not allow it to distract you from the economic issues at hand. Gabbana said his company is "rationalizing costs" like a family "forced to cut back on the movies or the weekly supply of Parmesan cheese." He plans to put out smaller, more focused collections. Also, Dolce & Gabbana will now do only pre-fall or cruise and the runway line, cutting the collection they usually do in between. And as for those pesky — nay, vexing — cotton shorts on the sales floor in November? Dolce & Gabbana plans to thwart such inanity by delaying deliveries to stores. WWD reports:

“If one stops and analyzes the scenario, you ask yourself what’s this mad rush for, for who, for what? Does the average consumer really care?” he queried. “A normal shopper, even an elitist one like ours, buys a down jacket in November based on the weather.”

Yes, what is this mad rush? Show us the way, Europeans! We'd look for it, but we're too busy stressing out over our spring wardrobes.

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