Temperley London Trades Runway Show for Its Own Mobile Art Exhibit


Temperley London has decided not to stage a runway show for fall 2009 for the first time since 2003 in favor of presentations. But these are special presentations. Video artists and photographers put together a series of installations in New York, London, and Paris to accompany the Temperley clothes. So it's kind of like Temperley's very own Mobile Art Exhibit but dedicated to clothes instead of bags! Now, can you guess why Temperley has decided to do this? A press release has the answer:

“From an economic and environmental point of view, it has become more and more difficult to support the constant global travel schedule for fashion sellers, buyers, and press,” said Lars von Bennigsen, CEO of Temperley London.

Oh, the damn economy is the elephant in every room. Although we do like how it's made everyone get creative this season.