Teri Hatcher Settles Skin-Care Lawsuit; Facial Hair Indicator of Bad Economy


• Skin-care company Hydroderm sued Teri Hatcher in 2005, alleging she endorsed a rival product in breach of her endorsement-deal contract with them. Hatcher aggressively fought the suit and just won. Hydroderm paid Hatcher an undisclosed sum and apologized. So that plan backfired. [People]

• Facial hair is the hot look among laid-off high-powered executives now free from the trappings of the clean-shaven office look. Screw hemlines! Who knew facial hair could be so indicative of a bad economy? [WSJ]

• Drugstore.com is selling an early shipment of the CoverGirl lip stains for $7.50 each. The ten-color line will be available everywhere in January, which is exciting since they are shaped like markers, so you can literally color yourself. [Nylon]

• Too Faced Cosmetics' latest bronzer is brown, nude, and pink in a leopard pattern. Tacky or cute? [BlackBook]

• Apparently the world will never tire of seeing rocker guys wearing makeup. Even if said makeup wearing didn't occur in this decade. [HuffPo]