The CFDA Tries to Make Fashion Week Easier for Everybody


Let's face it — Fashion Week is hard. Sitting in chairs for show after show, waiting hours upon hours, watching dress after dress pass by. Worrying about making it to the next show on time, when you are in the tents wearing stilettos and it is all the way over on Tenth Avenue, (you, of course, are a black-car-less blogger). The CFDA heads probably have black cars, but they must feel our pain, because they're trying to streamline the show schedule a bit. They're encouraging designers in the same market to show together, so instead of waiting for an hour and seeing one show, we can see two or three shows in an hour time slot and perhaps not have to worry about so many wretched crosstown treks. Such a format would also save the designers showing together a considerable chunk of cash. Another cost-effective method of showing is presentations, which the CFDA is also pushing. Retailers can see several presentations in an hour. Better still, IMG is looking at taking out a venue for such presentations within walking distance (praise the heavens) of Bryant Park.

The CFDA is also feeling London's pain. That city's Fashion Week faced being crunched to just a handful of days or overlapping with New York's shows. But starting in September, New York shows will begin on the second Thursday of the month instead of Friday, allowing London an extra day for shows. So everybody wins!

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