The Daily News Gets Excited Over Celebrity Boobs


We have nothing against cleavaluation — the art of evaluating a woman’s décolleté. In fact, we were on the edges of our seats this morning when the Today show discussed the supposed trendiness of what Kathie Lee clumsily called “the parting of the Red Sea.” Huh? (Our girl Hoda was all for showing it off; Kathie Lee believes in “a little mystery.” Yawn.) And after the spring runways, we're getting ready to see a whole lot more skin once the weather heats up. But you know what's a tad much? The Daily News slideshow of “Tinseltown's notable post-partum cleavage.” That’s right, Christina Aguilera has cupgraded (as it were) to an E, “thanks to breastfeeding her son, Max.” And “Jennifer Lopez’s bosum [sic] got a boost thanks to twins Max and Emme.” (Lesson here: If you want knockers, name your kid Max.) Though we're all for celebrating the curves of actresses (instead of rejoicing when they get back to size 0 two weeks after giving birth), this was a bit of a stretch. What's next for the Daily News? Upskirt shots?

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