Top Hairdressers Baffled by Rod Blagojevich’s Mane


A curious item in WWD, of all places, addresses recently arrested Illinois governor Rod R. Blagojevich. Pundits are aflutter over the whole selling Barack Obama's–Senate–seat thing. But who cares about that when his hair is so dark and helmetlike and foofy, all at the same time. America's top hairdressers can't stand it.

“[T]here’s no name for that,” said Calvin Klein’s hairstylist Roberto Novo. “Ugh” — to gasp in horror.

“Jack Lord from ‘Hawaii 5-0’ called. He wants his look back,” said Chris McMillan, the man behind Jennifer Aniston’s famed shag. “It’s very dated,” concurred Sally Hershberger, whose clients have included Meg Ryan, Courtney Love and Hillary Clinton. “And it looks like a wig.” […] Marc Zowine of Chelsea, N.Y., pointed out that a rug is not exactly an act of honesty: “It’s a cover up. It says a lot about a person.”

Oh, never mind all that. The real issue here is that Washington is no longer Hollywood for ugly people. Consider how hot the main players in the presidential race were (or at least tried to be). Cindy McCain in her $300,000 outfit; John McCain in his Ferragamo shoes with a $5,000-a-day makeup artist; Sarah Palin in Valentino and with a $110,000 hair and makeup person; Michelle Obama in Moschino, Thakoon, and Narciso Rodriguez; and Barack Obama in his fashion-designer-approved slim-cut Hart Schaffner Marx suits. How, oh, how did Blagojevich not get the memo that if the people who do Ryan Seacrest's hair aren't doing his on the side, something's awry? And for the record, hair experts, his do looks the way Donald Trump's would if he fell down a coal mine, like baby Jessica or Carrie in Little House on the Prairie.