Video: Victoria Beckham’s New Dress Commercial Predictably Nonsensical


Victoria Beckham's dress collection launched in Selfridge's in London this week, and Posh is promoting it with a lengthy commercial. At 1:22, it may just be viral marketing, but if so, good on her for tackling the Internet early in her new career as high-fashion designer. The video consists of a model running around a giant fancy house who tries to hide by lying under a couch, sitting behind a dresser, and wearing a lamp shade and elephant costume, all while clad in Posh's so-tight-they're-immobilizing frocks. The concept is reminiscent of Posh's Marc Jacobs ads, in which she pops out of a shoe box and paper shopping bag but basically makes no sense. We're left wondering what the hell is going on, rather than noting how, er, fabulous her designs are. Posh herself also makes a fleeting appearance. Click through to watch.

Movie: The Dress Collection by Victoria Beckham [Sassybella]