We Can’t Wait for Kelly Cutrone’s New Reality Show


News flash: The Hills isn't telling you the whole story about what goes down behind the scenes at fashion PR companies. Kind of like how shots of the president walking across the White House lawn don't tell you the whole story about what goes on in the Oval Office. Enter Kelly Cutrone. She might be on The Hills now, but she won't be forever. Nor will she be on Whitney Port's new spinoff, The City. As she told us during Fashion Week, she's working on her own show. Today, the New York Post reveals ex–Project Runway producers the Magical Elves are working on it, which is a highly promising beginning. Cutrone tells the Post:

"We're working on a show together that's going to showcase the nitty-gritty side of fashion publicity … Think of it as 'The Wizard of Oz' meets Stephen King meets 'Rhoda.' I'm really sure we're gonna be the first p.r. company to be on TV that showcases what really goes down."

So, if we understand Cutrone correctly, the Wicked Witch of Fashion turns out to be a scary clown that wants to tear one's face off, yet give you life advice about how to make it as a single girl living in the city? Genius!