We Don’t Think Anna Wintour Committed the Worst Fashion Faux Pas of 2008


Belinda Luscombe wrote a ballsy list of 2008's top ten fashion faux pas for Time. Topping it:

1. Vogue Editor Looks Silly. In Public.

When the history of modern fashion is written, this will be its Waterloo moment. The unimpeachably stylish Vogue editor Anna Wintour turns up at the premiere fashion event of the year, the Met Costume Gala, which she is hosting — it just doesn't get any better than this — in a dress that makes her look like she's encrusted with ammonoid fossils. Fashion people, how they love to look old.

We can't believe she did this, because no one messes with Anna. Magazine editors were even too scared to anonymously sign a picture of her at Fashion Week in September. That aside, we disagree with Luscombe's choice. This dress is Chanel Haute Couture, specially designed by Karl Lagerfeld himself to fit the gala's superhero theme, and according to Anna, based on X-Men character Storm. "I control the weather," she told reporters. And considering her infamous nickname is Nuclear Wintour, might this outfit not ingeniously prove — kind of like the time she went to the premiere of The Devil Wears Prada — that she really doesn't take herself too seriously? Besides, at least she's not wearing a cape or latex boots or white contacts. And puffy antler pockets aren't nearly as bothersome as, say, Beyoncé's car-wash shades.

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