What to Expect at the Marc Jacobs Sale


Last night we finally swung by the Marc Jacobs sale, eager to begin our Christmas shopping. (Yes, we're one of those shoppers. But when you show up with a bag of MJ goodies, all is forgiven.) We weren't sure what we'd find, but armed with our camera phone, we were determined to find out. The 70 percent off sale extends to the fall collection and shoes and not, alas, to bags as we were hoping. (We can dream, okay?) The gray wools from fall, though gorgeous on the runway, were entirely too warm to try on in yesterday's bizarre heat wave. The shoes included suede bootees, strappy sandals, and flats. Men's sneakers were marked down from $290 (you do the math). All were cute, but we realized we already had something similiar to the one pair we really wanted, and so we were left with the $10 rain boots. Of course, we nearly fell over ourselves trying to get to the bags and MJ's not-on-sale cashmere. So bargain hunters, pore through his fall collection, find some cute wool dresses, and you'll be in shopping heaven. We, on the other hand, will just sit and wait for the snow to turn to flying pigs and hope the cute little Mary purse gets a serious markdown.