Consumers Eschew Organic Beauty Products; Hair Extensions Lead to Bald Spots

Leigh Lezark

• According to new market research, organic beauty products haven't caught on among American consumers. [Makeup and Beauty Blog]

• This blogger claims eyelash conditioner that has since been pulled from the market made her eyelashes look "full and gorgeous" for three months of her life. Really? Eyelash conditioner? [Makeup Bag]

• Hair extensions can lead to permanent bald spots. They "put such tension on follicles in the scalp that they can become inflamed causing hair to fall out — a condition known as traction alopecia." Lauren Conrad, are you listening? [Daily Mail]

• The Guardian calls Leigh Lezark a "ridiculously cool and ridiculously beautiful DJ," adding, "Her sharp bob haircut is destined to be this year's 'Aniston.'" [Guardian]

• The Sedu Revolution styling iron reportedly creates curls that resemble a roller set, and since she bought one, this blogger is "officially hair obsessed." Okay then. [All About the Pretty]