Ashley Olsen Lets Us Into Her Soul

John Galliano

Well, not really. But one half of the original chosen twins did start off 2009 off by granting an interview with In this nail-biting Q&A, we find out that the now-22-year-old first hit Fashion Week at the tender age of 17 and is more into building brands than acting. Some highlights to tide you over until you can start drinking again (or continue drinking. Hey, we're not judging):

Her semi-definitive answer on whether she'll go back to acting:

I like building brands, so for me it's building the brands that my sister and I are working on, which are Elizabeth and James, and the Row. Once I have more time, then I'll start looking at what else I'd like to do. There's obviously a lot of things I want to do, study, and continue learning about. But right now this is something that I think I can really focus on. I don't have time to be stepping away to work on a movie.

On the pitfalls of being one-half of a famous pair (really, you can never have too much of a good thing):

It opened a lot of doors in the beginning, because people are curious, so that helped. But automatically people will write what they want to write. It was hard at first. When we started the Row I said, 'I don't want anyone to know I'm behind it,' but you can't lie to the people you're selling to.

On whether Mary-Kate really co-designs the Row:

It's up and down. It depends on our schedules, it depends on what we're focusing on at the moment. Lately I've been a little more involved in the Row based on our schedules.

And finally, one of the best questions ever asked in an Olsen Q&A, if only for the Kimmy Gibbler mention.

Q. I have heard rumors about a "Full House" reunion. Please tell me it's happening. I think Kimmy Gibbler needs to be back in primetime.

A. No, sorry. There's always rumors. But I see those guys all the time. They're a second family, but there's no reunion happening yet.

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