Introducing a New Fashion Season: Pre-Fall


Are you ready for pre-fall? We know what you're thinking: Is that a new season? Did the Cut make it up? Actually, no. Once mostly shown to buyers and handfuls of editors, pre-fall (like resort before it) has become a semi-official addition to the fashion calendar. The clothes are slightly more commercial than the normal ready-to-wear collections; these are mainly for the stores and the customer. The collections hit stores between May and July, filling the gap left when spring runs dry and fall is still being produced. (Previously, waiting for the season changeover in stores was brutal.) For your viewing pleasure, we have 23 pre-fall shows and presentations so far, with more coming over the next few weeks. Here, a selection of our favorite looks, from Oscar de la Renta (shown) to Chanel. Even if you're not running to replenish your wardrobe four times a year, consider this a sneak peek to February.

See all the trends and more from pre-fall.