Carla Bruni Outdresses Everyone at a Classy French Fashion Party

Nice knowing the half of you in the back there. Photo: Getty Images

Last night in Paris, Carla Bruni attended her first fashion event since becoming First Lady of France, the Sidaction AIDS benefit. Though she's shown a penchant for Dior since marrying Sarko, she stepped out in a different French label last night — Yves Saint Laurent — sticking to the rich purple hue she so loves. She also looks to have curled her hair a bit, which she rarely bothers with. Diane Kruger, Vanessa Paradis, and Mischa Barton were among the attendees of this Über-classy French soirée. Did their outfits measure up to Carla's? We assess in the slideshow, obnoxious unnecessary use of French kept to an absolute minimum.