David Beckham Stars in New Adidas Originals Campaign

Pecs. We need pecs.

Let's take a break from talking about people not spending money and turn to those who are basically blowing bills out the door with a fan. Adidas is launching its first global ad campaign in 60 years for Adidas Originals, starring David Beckham, Missy Elliott, and Russell Simmons. Originals is the brand's fashion-y line of athleticwear. The ads show people dancing at a crowded party. "The campaign and the people that are in it are on point with [teens'] needs," says the U.S. marketing director for Adidas. So apparently the needs of twentysomethings who prefer David Beckham without his shirt have gone unnoticed.

According to USA Today, the sports apparel and footwear market is a $70.2 billion business in the U.S. this year. Fashion makes up $45 billion of that, while performance products wrangle $25.2 billion. Though Nike and Puma have seen growth thanks to new emphasis on fashion offerings, Adidas is a little behind. But now is a great time for them to catch up. "Luxury is the last thing that goes out in a recession and the first to recover," says a retail expert. "Consumers are (looking for) a reason to buy, and technology and fashion drive people to make purchases." As do hot shirtless men. See here.

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