Did Anna Wintour Start the Retirement Rumors About Herself?

Rick Owens, fall 2009. No hugs allowed!

A possible explanation for all the rumors about Anna Wintour smattered across blogs and gossip pages for the last two months has surfaced. The reports about her possible retirement and consideration for a position in Obama's White House are reportedly part of a "devious whisper campaign" in relation to tense negotiations with Si Newhouse over the renewal of her Condé Nast contract. The theory goes like this: Wintour started by planting an item in "Page Six" about her retirement. Condé Nast struck back by planting a rumor that Newhouse had met with French Vogue's Carine Roitfeld. Then Anna started the rumor about the Obama appointment to show Newhouse she had other, better options than Vogue. So this may have all been her own doing! God we love her. [Cityfile]