Internet Saves Inaugural-Ball Attendees From Wearing the Same Dress

John Galliano is a new Website that allows women to register the dresses they're wearing to big events like the inaugural balls so they don't end up wearing the same thing as someone else. The site seems to be doing well so far — since it launched December 1, more than 100 dresses have been registered for the inaugural balls. This sounds like a pretty good idea, but frankly, this is something we'd never use because we're lazy. Also, this would only be truly effective if everyone registered their gown and looked at everyone else's. And there's no way a famous person would do that, so a civilian could wind up wearing the same thing as a famous person. It is kind of fun to see what people are wearing, though. For instance, someone registered a dress by Halston for the American Indian Inaugural Brunch, and someone else registered a dress by Wal-Mart for the All American Ball at the Westin. Now that's what we call a recessionista.

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