Botox Could Cause Birth Defects; Moob Jobs Are on the Rise

The makeup at Christian Dior.

• Getting injections of botulinum toxin during pregnancy may cause birth defects in unborn children. Doctors in Australia linked a woman's use of the botulin called Dysport (which is not Botox) to her child being born deaf and blind in 2005. [Jezebel]

• "Moob jobs," or breast-reduction surgeries for men, are on the rise in Great Britain. They're on the list of the top five plastic-surgery procedures performed on men. [Daily Mail]

• Makeup artist Pat McGrath was inspired by the Johannes Vermeer painting Girl With a Pearl Earring for the Christian Dior Couture show. Indeed, the models looked like painted dolls, as usual. [WWD]

• The celestial maracuja bathing nectar by Molton Brown is "maddeningly divine." But doesn't the name "celestial maracuja" (whatever that means) imply as much? [Beauty Snob]

• University of Miami dermatologists recommend wearing Kinerase Ultra Rich eye cream under makeup. Think they were paid to say that? [Glamour]