Poppet Vintage Store to Close in the East Village

Inside the Poppet store.

The recession is taking down a lot of our favorite stores, and we're not happy. The latest victim is Poppet, a vintage store in the East Village known for its quality pieces with a colorful Mediterranean twist. The store will close just after Fashion Week in February, says owner Suzanne Pettit, who opened the store in 2006. "Everyone has suffered large drops in income and with small businesses we don't have as many resources at hand to ride out a tough economy like this," Pettit tells us. "I only have the one store, so my way of downsizing is closing down the store. I had to lay off my two part-time employees, go to a smaller situation where I have less overhead, no Manhattan rent, and insurance that I have to worry about so much." An unfortunate set of circumstances, though an increasingly common story line. But there's a silver lining. Pettit plans to continue her business privately, going to vintage shows and hosting fashion designers and private clients. Still, for a store known for its racks full of vintage treasures, it's regrettable to see it go dark. "I'm sad, and yet it's a next step," Pettit says. "I feel like I'm going into hibernation until things calm down and we see what happens with the economy. It's just tough right now for a lot of people." And tough times call for big discounts: All clothing is 50 percent off, and shoes, bags, jewelry, and accessories are 20 percent off. So stop by before this one shutters for good.

Poppet, 350 E. 9th St., nr. First Ave. (212-924-3190); Thurs.–Sat. (noon–7), Sun. (noon–6).