Rihanna Promises to Cover Up for Malaysia Show

Ariel Meredith at Elie Saab (Ford Models)

Next month Rihanna is performing in Malaysia, where government regulations stipulate that female performers must cover themselves from the top of the chest, shoulders included, to the knees. RiRi has promised to abide by the guidelines, which have gotten the Pussycat Dolls in trouble in the past. Organizers of their 2006 show were fined $3,000 for flouting decency rules. Rihanna's team hopes that protests, which Avril Lavigne and Gwen Stefani both faced in Malaysia for their attire, won't get in their way too much. However, Malaysian government officials called Lavigne's moves from her show last year "too sexy" and have already called Rihanna "sexier and more dangerous." Literally dangerous, because if you rubbed up against her, those spikes might draw blood. In fact, it might behoove Rihanna to take a break from her usual duds. The silver loincloth she wore to the American Music Awards (pictured) was a bit trying-too-hard. As was this.

Rihanna taking no wardrobe risks for Malaysia show [USAT]