Newly Single Sean Avery Is Such a Catch

Yeah, we'd take her skin.

Start your engines, ladies, because ex–Vogue intern Sean Avery is back on the market. "Page Six" reports that he's split from Calvin Klein's ex-wife Kelly Klein, whom he dated for several months. News of the breakup came at the New Year's Eve party Sean attended at Bungalow 8, which he went to with his brother. Okay, seriously, he could have taken us or one of you — someone, anyone who appreciates him for him. He's perfect boyfriend material. After all, his résumé's clearly impressive enough to land him a gig at Vogue, rubbing elbows with Anna Wintour and André Leon Talley. He's an encyclopedia of fashion knowledge, men's and women's. He can probably pick up a girl with a line like, "Your dress is Alexander Wang, isn't it? I hear there's a sale at Opening Ceremony. Maybe we can go together?" Since he was let go from the Dallas Stars last month, he has lots of time to devote to a special lady. Also, New Line Cinema's making a movie inspired by him. How many guys can you say all that about? He's unemployed, so he's bound to be a fixture at Fashion Week next month. If you were dating him, you could go with him. True, he said some nasty things about his other ex-girlfriend, Elisha Cuthbert, but all the other stuff pretty much cancels that out. This is New York — one can't be too picky.