Taylor Momsen Tries to Dress Like Edie Sedgwick

Taylor at the Bendel's event in September.

Teen Vogue worked out with Taylor Momsen while interviewing her about her style. Because those things go together (no, really). She says her favorite designers are Alexander Wang and Marchesa and she "can't live without" mascara. We could have predicted as much. We were shocked when she showed up at a Bendel event as a raccoon-eyed goth rocker girl back in September, since she's 15. We've since gotten used to her "I dip my eyes in tar" look. However, this part of the interview nearly rattled us out of our skin:

Who are your fashion influences?

A lot of people. Edie Sedgwick had a cool style; she pushed the envelope for the time. My leopard coat, which I had on today, is vintage, but I added the zipper and took out the shoulder pads. That was inspired by her!

Okay, first, 15-year-olds shouldn't look up to a woman famous for doing heroin, even if it's just for fashion guidance. Second, what does she know about Edie Sedgwick? She was born yesterday. Just because she feels like she should know about this stuff doesn't mean she has to. What does she do — pore over Interview magazines from the seventies while listening to the Veronicas and cut out Edie pictures and stick them to her mirror with Bubblicious? Pierce your belly button and call it a day, girlfriend.

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