Vermont Upset About Burton’s Porn Boards

Limited-edition Love snowboards by Burton.

For the current snow season, Burton launched a limited-edition series of snowboards called "Love" that show bare-backside images from seventies Playboy magazines. And ever since they debuted in the fall with the tagline "I'm on the market for someone who's looking to score serious action, no matter where they like to stick it," groups like the Girl Scouts Council and the Burlington City Council in Vermont are trying to censor them on the slopes, even protesting outside the Burton headquarters in Burlington in October. Protesters tell that it's the idea of a man standing on top of a naked woman that really sets them off, as well as the proximity to children (Stowe Mountain Resort and Killington Resort both banned employees from riding the boards). However, it seems like a choose-your-battles type of moment for the notoriously liberal state of Vermont. Because in reality, we really don't foresee snowboarding dudes caring about the sociological significance of their board's butt crack anytime soon.

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