Accordion Player, Eyeliner Lend Somber Mood to Lorick Show

Abigail Lorick

Lorick rose to prominence on Gossip Girl, doubling as Eleanor Waldorf's clothing line. If one knew nothing about the label, they could have guessed as much at last season's presentation, where models lazed about in various fairy-tale inspired sets, posing with things like giant cakes and croquet mallets. The fall 2009 runway show Lorick staged at Exit Art last night was a departure from last season, but not necessarily a happy one. It left us feeling sleepy and a little weird. The lights dimmed and an accordion player walked into the center of the square room. He started played slowly and somberly. Surely this would pick up and the D.J. would come on with a cool accordion remix? But alas, in this day of frugality, there was no D.J.

Stoned-looking models, made to look even more so by thick black liner, marched slowly around the accordion player in gray dresses. This was not Serena one-upping Blair at a party after a fight and too many tequila shots. This was Blair walking by Henri Bendel having just discovered her family was a Bernie Madoff victim. The mood was so somber that when the last model exited while the accordion player lingered, the audience wondered if this was the time to clap. Because if Blair can't shop at Bendel anymore, does one rejoice or feel awkwardly sad about it? Eventually, we all clapped, Abigail Lorick took her bow, and we headed into the dark, cold night for a quiet, contemplative espresso.