Amanda Bynes Skirts Controversy


Amanda Bynes can’t seem to catch a break in fashion. Last year she ruffled Narciso Rodriguez’s feathers by showing up at an event in a dress from his spring line, which he claimed he did not authorize her to wear. (It seems it mysteriously traveled from an unnamed women’s magazine’s fashion closet onto her nubile young frame.) This Fashion Week she donned not one but two miniskirts in a single day that were so micro, insiders saw more than they bargained for — those in the front row of the Heart Truth Red Dress charity walk-off got an eyeful as she loped down the runway in a Nicole Miller that barely covered her ... assets.

We say more power to her for showing the gams God gave her — snarky fashionistas be damned. Plus, it could have been worse: “I was gonna wear a bustier, but she told me to wear something a little looser,” said Amanda, pointing to her nearby stylist at the launch of Alexander McQueen’s Target collection in a warehouse on the West Side highway. “It takes a village to get me together.” (Her skirt this time? Hervé Léger.) As for how she manages to sit front-row in her itsy-bitsy ensembles, Amanda said, “I try to mosey everything down. But you know, you’ve got to be comfortable in your body, and I am. I feel confident with my legs, so I don’t mind wearing a skirt.” But we knew that.

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