Behold the Chanel Segway

Clockwise from top left: Silver Lake Sandals, Stanton by Madison Harding, Anasco by Aldo, Neon Flats by Forever 21, Deal Me N by Kenneth Cole, Clubhouse by VANE for Sebago.

Apparently Chanel makes a Segway. As in the preferred mode of transportation of mall security guards. Chanel's comes complete with the classic 2.55 handbag and matching black quilted-leather mud flaps and handlebars. Top speed is twelve miles per hour. It's available by special order and the price hasn't been listed, but as a reference point, know that the Chanel bicycle is $12K. But just imagine how amazing you'd look riding to work on it! If that's not worth many thousands of dollars, we don't know what is.

Chanel customizes the Segway [Luxist]