DSquared2 to Dress Britney Spears for Her Circus Tour

Spears Squared!

We must have spent too much time thinking about Beyoncé and Lady Gaga this week, because we almost forgot that Britney Spears's Circus tour starts Tuesday in New Orleans. Thankfully WWD reminds us today, with a nugget of an article about how Dsquared2 designed the costumes. They "reinterpreted clowns, trapeze artists and jugglers into a series of provocative looks for Spears and her dancers," the paper reports. Sibling designers Dan and Dean Caten said they're huge Britney fans (join the club) and the tour is "going to be wild." Indeed, the costumes for this tour are particularly important because not only is it her comeback tour, but she ain't what she used to be in the dancing department. She'll need as many captivating stage elements as possible to make up for how now, rather than do backflips in a green bra with a giant yellow snake around her neck, she just sort of stands there looking scared and pointing at things.