Expect ‘Five Divas’ at Siriano’s Show, But Not His ‘New Best Friend,’ Lucy Lawless

Loves angular hair, Xena: Warrior Princess.

Christian Siriano’s preparation for his Thursday show is going so well that he took a break to attend the Fashion Week opening-night party with his boyfriend. “Luckily we’re ahead of the game, so that’s why I’m here tonight; otherwise I’d be going crazy,” Siriano said, admitting that he was tired after a rough day. Doing the collection has kept him too busy to outfit anyone for the Academy Awards, but we’ll be seeing his creations on some stars: “I had to dress like five divas.” Oh? “Who, I can’t say yet. [They're] coming to my show.”

We asked Siriano about another potential surprise, a really over-the-top piece that he blogged might be included in the show. “I’m going to decide tomorrow because it’s still kind of ... ” he said, pausing. “I can’t tell if it’s ugly or if it’s beautiful. It’s kind of ugly-beautiful, so we’ll see what happens.” In the meantime, he and his boyfriend will be spending Valentine's Day watching Xena: Warrior Princess. Wait, really? “I don’t know why, Lucy Lawless is my new best friend. So we watch it.” Will Lawless be at the show? “She’s coming. No — can you imagine? [Sighs] I’m going to call her, though.”

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