Fashion Week Folks Love McDonald’s — Especially in Paris

Maggie Rizer grew up on milkshakes. Photo: Getty Images

McDonald’s is providing the coffee at Bryant Park this season, so we asked luminaries gathered for the amfAR gala last night whether they dine under the golden arches — and found that more than a few do.

Maggie Rizer grew up on McDonald’s. “I liked the Monopoly pieces,” she reminisced. “That was a lot of fun, because you got, like, free milkshakes and stuff.” And she’s still a fan: “I’m big on the grilled chicken sandwich, and I like the grilled cheese.” Rizer also gave us a travel tip: “I like it in Paris a lot. The menu is different; the fries are better there, they’re more like potatoes.”

Julia Restoin Roitfeld, who says she eats McDonald’s “too much,” agreed. “I don’t like McDonald’s in New York; I love McDonald’s in Paris,” she said. Julia’s favorites are Big Macs and Chicken McNuggets. But Roitfeld will also partake before leaving New York: “I do have McDonald’s at JFK, because I think it’s still better than the food you get on the plane.”

Actress Michelle Monaghan? “Oh, you bet!” She prefers the “No. 3 with a Coke.” Taylor Momsen loves the fries. Actor Cheyenne Jackson only partakes occasionally, at 3 a.m. when he smells that “delicious grease.” We did manage to find a couple of folks who avoid the restaurant. Eliza Dushku says she never eats there, and Doutzen Kroes is flat-out against fast food: “I really am not a big fan of McDonald’s, of how they market their things and how unhealthy it is. I’m a real health-food freak,” she told us. We didn’t get to ask Anna, but we have all of Fashion Week to catch up with her.