Fug Girls: Looking Back on the Fashion Week That Was


Thanks to the dreaded "r" word that has everyone stuffing money under mattresses, we were afraid this Fashion Week wouldn't bring much in the way of celebrity cameos. But not only did we score big with the generally beautiful weather, we got a bunch of atypical faces in the crowd alongside stalwarts like Sophia Bush and Michelle Trachtenberg. We'd never seen Rose Byrne's thick, shiny hair before; Jessica Stroup, January Jones, Elijah Wood, Ian Thorpe, and Common were all firsts for us, too. And then there was Kanye. We have to hand it to him: If all these shows are just research for his own line, then the dude is nothing if not thorough. So in all, it was a totally successful week, with lots to like and even plenty to love. Here is our semi-annual list of bests, worsts, mosts, leasts, and other random designations we came up with while trying to return regular blood flow to our tired feet.

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