Giorgio Armani Disses Rome’s Fashion Week

Alexander Wang Barbie.

Last week, Giorgio Armani told the Italian press that Rome "has killed high fashion by showcasing people who didn't merit it." He was referring to the city's Fashion Week, which ends today. Obviously, these remarks have stirred up controversy among Rome's fashion elite. But the funny thing is, some of them kind of acknowledge that Rome's fashion scene needs help and invite Giorgio to show them the way. Take Fausto Sarli, a fixture on Rome's haute-couture scene for ages, whose spokesman said Armani should bring his collections to Rome to help raise its fashion profile. Rome Fashion Week organizer Nicoleta Fiorucci told Reuters that she saw Armani's point and even took some designers who weren't up to par off the schedule. But still, the event lacks the buzz, interest, and celebrities drawn out by Fashion Weeks in Milan and Paris, for example. Maybe it was a good thing Armani made those comments. Rome Fashion Week is getting buzz now, isn't it?

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