Lorenzo Martone and Marc Jacobs Really, Really Love Each Other

Lorenzo rocks the Vuitton Stephen Sprouse scarf.
It's too much.

Valentine’s Day may be on Saturday, but love's not currently a top priority for fashion designers putting the final touches on their fall 2009 collections. That’s why Marc Jacobs did not accompany his boyfriend, Lorenzo Martone, to the Cinema Society premiere of The International last night. “I get to have some movie time at night, and he has to work," Martone told us. We pressed for details on Jacobs’s level of crazy in the days leading up to his show, but ever the gentleman, Martone simply said, “Everyone has to put a lot of effort at this time to make something beautiful.” Aw. Jacobs and Martone began their relationship in March, so Saturday is their first Valentine’s Day as a couple. “Valentine’s Day is two days before his show, it has to be very quiet, but I’m still planning a little surprise,” Martone confided.

But Martone doesn't wait for Hallmark holidays to make grand romantic gestures. “During the last Vuitton show in Paris, I didn’t tell him I was going to go — I just showed up in Paris in his office with flowers as a surprise the day before the show,” Martone said softly in his Brazilian accent. Stop. “He was totally, totally surprised. It was really, really good to see his reaction, and I don’t know — we are so in love that it was really gorgeous to see his eyes.” Are you dying? Lorenzo says Marc has a romantic side as well, occasionally surprising him with little gifts or unexpected flowers. “He’s a very good boyfriend.” Maybe Valentine's Day is okay, after all.