Milla Jovovich Is Moving On

As long as there's Tuleh, there will always be dinner parties.

Despite having to close her label, Jovovich Hawk, earlier this year, Milla Jovovich says she’ll be back in the designer saddle soon. Backstage at Y-3, the actress reflected on the end of Jovovich Hawk: “It was actually really amazing when we were very private and doing everything in-house, sewing all the clothes in-house, but as soon as the orders got too big and we had to outsource, it was disaster with production companies and factories. I mean, we just couldn’t handle it,” she explained. “We were two artist girls who didn’t have our business together.” Their Target line, she says, was their big good-bye. “We were like, all right, let’s end on a high note.”

She plans to design again, but with a bigger house that can take care of production, and has been talking with companies in Europe, although nothing is signed yet. Jovovich has also been dreaming up a line of children’s clothing now that she’s a mom. “A huge part of my life is dressing my little girl, and I spend way too much money doing it, so I’d like to make an affordable line for other mothers with cute stuff,” she said. Her inspiration comes from clothes that her mother sewed for her when she was a child in Russia. “There are some really special pieces that I was photographed in with my mom, like back in the seventies, that are just amazing.” She says the kids’ clothes will be cool, modern, utilitarian, and definitely mass-market. “Unfortunately, I don’t think many moms have the option to buy many great designs unless they spend a lot of money, so I would love to give them that option.” Jovovich says she’s still trying to find the best deal, but expects to make an announcement next year.