SJP and A-Dubs Yuk It Up As Alexander Wang Warms Fashion Week Hearts

Shhh — Anna's judging.

The mere sight of the line outside Alexander Wang's show stopped us dead. Despite our punctuality, it snaked three abreast down the street and around the corner. "I feel like I'm waiting for the Backstreet Boys to come out," groused a woman nearby. Now there's an idea for PR companies: Entertain the cold, cranky journalists with some choreography and close-harmony singing.

By the time we got inside, it was mere minutes to showtime, leaving us little time to confirm whether singer Roisin Murphy looked as insane as usual. She did, however, sport some skintight, rubbery pants with teeny holes. Perfect for ventilation, or if she is trying to sprout something through them, but maybe not ideal for cold temperatures.

Murphy sat near a semi-dishevelled Zoe Kravitz, who is in dire need of either a trim or a hot-oil treatment. (Possibly both.) Julia Restoin-Roitfeld clutched a nice, warming cocktail from the bar, and down the way sat Lauren Santo Domingo and model-former-Wang-muse Erin Wasson. Even in the dark, her outfit was impossible to miss: a ratty fur jacket and tie-dyed, ruffled bell-bottoms that swayed like hula dancers around her ankles as she danced backstage after the show.

It was no surprise to see Anna Wintour in the front row, right near Diane Von Furstenberg, as both ladies have championed Wang. We were, however, considerably more shocked to see A-Dubs's bouncing bob enjoying an animated conversation with Sarah Jessica Parker. Ms. SJP has in the past expressed great weariness with the Fashion Week hullabaloo, so we got a kick out of seeing her front and center in a long Wangian vest and what appeared to be leggings, chatting with La Bobita as if the two were long-lost camp buddies reliving the glory days of short-sheeting the bunks and sneaking out to skinny-dip. Or maybe they were just giggling over the candied hearts and condoms Wang stuck in the gift bags. Happy VD, indeed.

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