So Catherine Malandrino’s Collection Had Some Interesting Details

The model muzzle and hand dress.

Catherine Malandrino always shows pretty dresses. But her show this afternoon in the Rainbow Room gave us a few pauses. First the models' hair raised eyebrows — the clusters of buns were so bulbous and piled so high they spilled over onto the girls' foreheads, restrained by hairnets. We felt downright uncomfortable when a couple of girls walked out with hairnets extending over their entire faces, like some sort of model muzzles. Was Malandrino afraid they might eat the chocolate croissants or mini-quiches from the breakfast spread? Or — God forbid — open their mouths? Also making a lasting impression were the hands printed on dresses; they reached down from the shoulder and across the hip as if to grope the wearer. At least in this time of economic turmoil, she put bracelets and rings on the hands. They might have been dangling off the fabric, but Beyoncé would approve.